Special Offer - Free Nia class

Nia LogoAs a student at The New Body Barn, Lydeway I have a fantastic offer for you! If you have not tried the Nia Technique before, give yourself a gift and come have a taste of Nia with your first class free.

But what is Nia?

Nia is an expressive fusion fitness programme that draws from the martial arts, dance arts and healing arts to offer something to the whole of you, your body, mind and soul.

Nia is a great cardiovascular work-out that will guide you into Loving your Body and loving your Life. It is empowering, graceful, playful and tender and all this is packaged as a one hour fitness programme.

Nia is a Mind Body Spirit dance that is a pathway to self-knowing through the wisdom and intelligence of your body. Get into your body with Nia.

So remember to use this offer, you have nothing to lose and the Joy of Movement to gain.

The New Body Barn Nia Classes are on Tuesdays 5.30 – 6.30pm

Next term dates: 9th September – 14th October 2014

To book your place on a class or to find out more please contact Cheryl Parr on 07788 722106

For more info go to




See you in class.