106 guidelines-for-returning-to-covid-secure-classes Guidelines for Returning to Covid Secure Classes

Guidelines for Returning to Covid Secure Classes

These are the current Guidelines for Returning to Covid Secure Classes:

  • Mats will be 2 metres apart therefore class numbers will be reduced to allow enough space, with no tactile cueing.
  • Clients will need to bring their own mat. We have ordered some in for those who have asked already. Please let us know when you can collect or if you would like to place an order in good time beore class as we have limited space for stock.
  • You will need to bring a large towel as our head cushions will not be available. Other equipment such a blocks and bands are useful and available to be ordered via our website.
  • Entrance into the building will be up the ramp. Hand sanitiser is provided in a sensor dispenser outside the front door where you should wait to be called in. Hand sanitiser is also on the reception desk. Please avoid gathering in reception to maintain distance. Exit from the building is down the steps.
  • We ask clients to arrive in plenty of time and ready dressed for class. Please use the outside toilets as we are unable to clean them between every client.
  • We will allow more time between classes for cleaning and for clients to depart and arrive avoiding congestion.
  • The wearing of face masks when exercising indoors is not mandatory however advised if you are indoors were social distancing is not possible.
  • Door handles will be wiped regularly and we will do what we can to increase air flow throughout and between classes.
  • We have wipeable vinyl covers for our Reformer Straps and handles.
  • All clients must complete a CVSQ Form (Covid-19 Supplementary Questionnaire and emailed back to your first post-lockdown visit. This form clearly sets out when you can/cannot attend class. Download here